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Absolutely Dominate with the Harley-Davidson® FXDR 114

We love Harley-Davidson motorcycles for so many reasons: they’re classically American. They have a pure sound with a soul-satisfying rumble. And even with all the classic features that make their motorcycles so appealing, they still feature the latest modern technologies to keep their bikes powerful and safe.

The Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 is no exception to these rules. If you’re riding this bike around Miami, you belong on a “Welcome to Miami” postcard. With a sleek design and impeccable technology, you’ll ride in style with everything you need to feel good on the road.

We’ve put together an overview of the FXDR to give you a sense of what makes this bike so special. If you want to cruise around Miami in style, look no further than the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 Miami, Florida loves.

Harley-Davidson® FXDR 114

Technological Features of the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114

The world is full of powerful motorcycles. This bike is unique because it offers power with an incredibly smooth and safe ride. The Milwaukee Eight 114 Engine features 114 cubic inches of displacement and electronic sequential port fuel injection. Plus, the FXDR features high-performance rear suspension, bold 2-into-1 exhaust, and plenty of other impressive technology features.

Not all of the great things about this bike have to do with the engine and suspension. The FXDR also has a lot of features to make your ride easier. Keyless ignition means you don’t have to fumble around looking for keys when you’re in a hurry. Plus, LED turn signals, headlamp LED rear lighting, and a high beam light, you won’t go unnoticed in the dark. When it’s light out, of course, people will notice you because you’re riding on one of the coolest-looking bikes around –  the Harley-Davidson FXDR. 

All of these features make for a fun ride on a bike with minimal weight, including an aluminum swingarm and subframe. With a lightweight motorcycle that maximizes acceleration, braking, and handling performance and features a lean angle of nearly 33 degrees, you won’t be disappointed.

Between the Daymaker headlamp, rear light, turn signals, digital riser gauge, and plenty of other features, you’ll absolutely love this bike. 

Classic Design You’ll Love

The Softail frame, with rear suspension hidden from view, is famous because of Harley-Davidson. They even hold a trademark on the word “Softail.” This design is a uniquely Harley-Davidson creation, so you’ll love that the FXDR retains the classic Softail design.

The Softail frame makes you feel one with the road, given that it brings the seat lower to the ground. The bike is even more special because you can customize it to your liking in terms of color – silver, orange, grey, or black.

No matter which color you choose, you’ll love the look of this motorcycle, and you’ll turn heads riding it around Miami.

We’re Here to Help

Here at Peterson’s, we want you to feel great zipping around Miami and look great too. That’s why we’re proud to bring this classic American motorcycle to our community and help you ride in style.

As the scorching summer months come to an end, you’ll be looking to enjoy the milder weather. What better way to do that than on the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 Miami, Florida loves? Classic Softail lines look great next to the water.

If you’re interested in finding your next Harley-Davidson, whether it’s the FXDR 114 or one of Harley’s other exceptional motorcycles, we’re here to help you. Stop by our dealership to test drive the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 and get a feel for this outstanding bike. We promise that you definitely won’t be disappointed on the back of this iconic machine.

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