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Lights, Camera, Action: The Best Movies with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

The Best Movies with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Lights, Camera, Action

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are as iconic as apple pie and are a staple of classic Americana. Hollywood has fallen in love with Harley-Davidsons time and time again and we’re here to give you a top five list of the most iconic Harley-Davidson movies.

1. Easy Rider

Starring Peter Fonda on a 1951 Panhead chopper, this is one of the most iconic Harley-Davidson movies of all time. Did you know that two “Captain America” choppers were created for the filming, but only one survived? Years later, in 2010, the sole surviving “Captain America” motorcycle was accidentally destroyed in a fire that took place at collector Gordon Granger’s warehouse in Texas. You can still find replicas of this icon on the market.

Easy Rider | Best Movies with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

2. The Wild One

Starring Lee Marvin on a motorcycle called the Hydra Glide, the focus is arguably on Marlon Brando’s Triumph Thunderbird. However, the “Black Rebels” Motorcycle Club fights with a rival biker gang whose leader (Marvin) rode the Hydra Glide. It’s a tale as old as time. It’s a story of a classic rebellion and hero overcoming the seemingly impossible. If you’re a Harley-Davidson diehard, you’ll want to check this film out if you haven’t already.

The Wild One | Best Movies with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

3. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

One of our personal favorites, Arnold Schwarzenegger absolutely comes alive (sort of, he’s an android) in the 1990 Fat Boy. The classic bike vs. semi chase is a homerun. Reliving the scene in which the Terminator acquires the Harley-Davidson in a biker bar is alone worth watching the movie. We can still hear the sound of the 1990 Fat Boy rumbling throughout the film.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day | Best Movies with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

4. Pulp Fiction

Bruce Willis plays the anti-hero in this Quentin Tarantino cult classic and “finds” himself a 1986 FXR Super Glide. In the movie, the Harley-Davidson belonged to a nefarious psychopath named Zed who has since been neutralized. The chopper in the movie is named Grace, and Willis effortlessly showcases its power and appeal.

Pulp Fiction | Best Movies with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

5. Animal House

An instant comedy classic and one of the most iconic comedy films of all time, Bruce McGill (D-Day) takes his Sportster and rips down a flight of stairs. We strongly suggest you don’t try this at home. Instead, you can check out some other great places to ride your Sportster in our Harley-Davidson Blog section. However, if you’re ever in Miami and want to stop by and talk classic Harley-Davidson movies with us, come on by.

Animal House | Best Movies with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

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