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Key West Run 2022: Hidden Gems to Visit

Peterson's Harley-Davidson Key West Run 2022: Hidden Gems to Visit

The annual Peterson’s Harley-Davidson Key West Run for 2022 takes place over a three day weekend from Friday, September 16th to Sunday, September 18th. There are two meeting spots for riders and enthusiasts to meet and ride out together. One is at Peterson’s Harley-Davidson of Miami in Miami Gardens and the other is at Peterson’s Harley-Davidson South in Cutler Bay. If you’re looking for our partner hotels and official stops along the way, check us out here. But, if you’re looking for some hidden gems along the way and want to go at your own pace, check out the top five places to visit while en route to Key West:

Peterson’s Harley-Davidson Key West Run 2022

Sea Turtles in Marathon

Marathon Key consists of 13 islands, features a rare barrier reef and is home to loggerhead turtles, an endangered species that when fully grown can exceed well over 300 pounds (with some known to surpass half a ton). If you’re lucky enough, you may see baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean. You can also check out The Turtle Hospital for a $25 donation and visit rescued sea turtles.

Sea Turtles in Marathon | Peterson’s Harley-Davidson Key West Run 2022: Hidden Gems to Visit

Tarpon Feeding in Islamorada

If you’re still looking to get your fix on seeing wild animals and huge fish, check out Robbie’s of Islamorada. They allow visitors to hand-feed giant tarpon. We’re not kidding. While it may be scary at first, it certainly is exhilarating having these giant fish jump out of the water to snatch a snack from your hand. Tarpon can grow up to eight feet in length and reach almost 280 pounds. So if you’re looking to add some excitement while riding your Harley-Davidson motorcycle to Key West, make sure to take a quick stop.

Tarpon Feeding in Islamorada | Peterson’s Harley-Davidson Key West Run 2022: Hidden Gems to Visit

Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary

Getting the idea that people in the Keys love their animals? The Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary in Tavernier is home to more than 100 birds that are unable to be released back into the wild due to injury or sickness that they have since recovered from. Here you’ll be able to check out hawks, pelicans, owls, and an array of other native species. Entry is free but donations of any size are greatly appreciated!

Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary | Peterson’s Harley-Davidson Key West Run 2022: Hidden Gems to Visit

History of Diving Museum

Park your Harley at Mile Marker 83 in Islamorada and scope out the History of Diving Museum. This kitsch museum is a great place if you’re into diving. You can see over 40 years worth of diving history with nostalgic scuba gear, armored suits, helmets and more. It’s the perfect spot for a quick visit before you get back on your Harley-Davidson and make your way to Key West.

History of Diving Museum | Peterson’s Harley-Davidson Key West Run 2022: Hidden Gems to Visit

Dolphin Research Center

Instead of hosting trained dolphins to jump through hoops and perform acrobatic stunts, the Dolphin Research Center at Mile Marker 59 highlights education, research, and the rescue of marine mammals. You’re free to explore the research center, check out dolphins and sea lions and learn more about one of Florida’s most popular and revered state animals. If you have time, you can even swim with the dolphins under the supervision of trainers and researchers. Admission is $28 and is located in Grassy Key.

Dolphin Research Center | Peterson’s Harley-Davidson Key West Run 2022: Hidden Gems to Visit

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