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The World’s Most Expensive Harley-Davidson | Have You Ever Wondered? Vol 14

The World’s Most Expensive Harley-Davidson

Have You Ever Wondered? Vol 14

Diamond-encrusted Rolls-Royces. Gold flake interior dashboards. Bugatti supercars with 16 cylinders and four turbochargers. There is no shortage of hyper-expensive luxury and performance vehicles that stretch into the millions of dollars. But what about motorcycles? And more specifically, what about Harley-Davidson motorcycles? If you’ve ever wondered what the world’s most expensive Harley-Davidson is like, then keep reading…

World’s Most Expensive Harley-Davidson | Harley-Davidson Cosmic Starship | “Million Dollar Harley”

The “Million Dollar Harley”, also known as the Harley-Davidson Cosmic Starship, is a one-off, super exclusive motorcycle based off of the Harley-Davidson V-Rod. There are no significant modifications, and ultimately is still as reliable and steady as a brand new Harley-Davidson right off the showroom floor.

Harley-Davidson Cosmic Starship | World’s Most Expensive Harley-Davidson

So what makes the Cosmic Starship so expensive and unique? It’s a piece of art. Renowned American artist Jack Armstrong customized this particular Harley-Davidson’s paintjob with acrylic paint and 37 layers of clear coat. Armstrong, nephew of the famed moon-walking astronaut Neil Armstrong, is a celebrated artist whose paintings have been offered for sale at prices exceeding $100 million. The eclectic artist really puts himself into his work. Literally. Each artwork contains small bits of DNA and hair of the artist to add a new spin to the word “custom”.

In any event, Armstrong created the one-off custom bike which now lives in a climate-controlled vault. After being sold in 2012 for $3 million, the Cosmic Starship recently hit the market again asking $35 million. Inflation, right?

“Million Dollar Harley” | Harley-Davidson Cosmic Starship

Dubbed “The Last Wizard” by Andy Warhol, Armstrong created the Cosmic Starship to be a reflection of his personality and to exhibit a rolling, two-wheeled piece of art.

“The style of the 2002 Harley V-Rod was revolutionary, and it was the most futuristic creation in motorcycles I had ever seen,” said Armstrong. “For several years between 2003-2004 when I lived in Switzerland I rode V-Rods with seven-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher. So the V-Rod was my only choice for the most expensive motorcycle in history.

Rumor has it that the bike, originally commissioned by Star Global International, could fetch up to $250 million at auction. If you had unlimited funds, what would you bid?

Harley-Davidson Cosmic Starship | “Million Dollar Harley” by American artist Jack Armstrong

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