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Improving Your Harley’s Gas Mileage | Have You Ever Wondered? Vol 12

Improving Your Harley’s Gas Mileage

Have You Ever Wondered? Vol 12

What’s the best way to save on fuel efficiency?

It’s no secret that inflation and rising costs have been impacting the global economy on a massive scale. And these rising costs have impacted nearly everyone at many levels, including rising fuel costs. So what’s the best way to save on gas and get the most mileage out of your bike’s tank?

Improving Your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s Gas Mileage | Best ways to save on fuel efficiency. | Peterson's Harley-Davidson of Miami


In the racing world, saving weight is one of the most important aspects of improving performance and fuel efficiency. The same practice applies to everyday riding. Additional weight puts added strain on your motorcycle, requiring more power, and thus more fuel to get up and going. While there isn’t much room on a motorcycle to bring added baggage, be sure you’re not hauling unnecessary weight around. Even a few pounds can add up every month. Take only what you need with you when riding, and if you’re making performance upgrades to your Harley-Davidson, it pays to invest in lightweight components.

Tire Pressure

You’d be surprised how much tire pressure can impact your gas mileage and fuel efficiency. Be sure to use a tire pressure gauge to check both wheels and confirm they are at optimal levels. Tires that don’t have enough air in them result in more rubber making contact with the road, slowing the bike down, and requiring more power. If you keep your tires set at the correct PSI levels, you can gain a few extra miles per gallon.

Tips for improving your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s gas mileage. | Peterson's Harley-Davidson of Miami

Riding Behavior

This one may be obvious, but the more aggressive the rider, the lower your gas mileage will be. Upshift earlier than you normally would to avoid the engine RPMs spinning at a higher velocity. Slower accelerations and maintaining the actual speed limit will go a long way in squeezing out better fuel efficiency.

Watch Your MPGs

What we mean by this is keep an eye on what your trip computer is telling your regarding your miles per gallon. If you begin to notice a lower MPG, despite making the above mentioned adjustments, you may want to take your motorcycle into our service department. There could be leaks in your tires, or a possible issue with the motor. Our Harley-Davidson service technicians can also give you additional tips on how to obtain peak fuel efficiency and save some money every month.

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