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Top Tips for Maintaining Your Harley-Davidson®. Have You Ever Wondered? Vol 5

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Harley-Davidson®

Have You Ever Wondered? Vol 5

If you’re like most Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, you’ll want to ensure your new or used motorcycle is operating at peak performance. Taking care of your high-valued and high-performance bike is the key to ensuring not only smooth operating, but your safety as well. Here are six great tips for maintaining your Harley-Davidson.


Whether you’re mostly using your bike for quick errands or a run around the neighborhood, or if you’re using it for cross-country road trips, you’ll want to make sure your tires are in good condition. Look for any major cracking in the tread, heavy wear such as baldness, bent wheels, and of course nails. Tires need to have sufficient tread left for traction and safe handling. It will save you greatly in the long term by not letting your tires exceed their lifespan. It also helps improve gas mileage.


One of the most important aspects of maintaining your Harley-Davidson is ensuring that the oil levels in your bike are correct. When oil levels are neglected, it can cause major problems in the future for your engine and other components such as the transmission. Frequency of oil changes depends mostly on how often you ride. Longer endurance rides will require more frequent oil changes. Make sure to be cognizant of replacing your oil filter every so often as well. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to change your oil, contact our service department and schedule an appointment at either our Miami Gardens location or our Cutler Bay location.


If you have ever ridden your Harley-Davidson through areas that kick up a lot of dust or dirt, you will definitely want to be mindful of your air filter. Regularly replacing your motorcycle’s air filter will maintain the health and longevity of your engine. You can always check your owner’s manual or contact our service team to schedule a quick and easy air filter replacement.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Harley-Davidson®.


If you’ve recently purchased a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and are not yet familiar with the clutch, keep in mind that you’ll want to adjust it every so often. If it feels worn or problematic, it’s time to get a simple adjustment. The clutch is one of the most frequently used components of your motorcycle over time and it needs to be properly lubricated. Our Harley-Davidson maintenance team is here for free consultations and will be happy to assist you in keeping your clutch in peak operating condition.


A typical Harley-Davidson battery can last you two years or more if you’re careful. Some things to keep an eye on are any leakage coming from the battery, the frequency of which you ride (how often and how hard), and what the weather has been like. Colder weather can be hard on batteries and during winter is when you should be most vigilant. Overcharging the battery can also have detrimental effects, however. So be sure to review your owner’s manual or speak to a Peterson’s Harley-Davidson maintenance representative to maintain your battery’s lifespan.


A clean motorcycle is a happy motorcycle. Look good, feel good, right? There are hundreds of products out there that can be used to wash your Harley-Davidson, but you don’t need to break the bank. Clean towels, chamois, and sponges are ideal along with microfiber clothes for hard-to-reach areas. When cleaning your bike, keep an eye out for any broken parts and try to avoid washing the bike in direct sunlight to avoid water spots that are more difficult to remove when it’s warm. Finally, take a leisurely ride down the street and press the brakes a few times to remove any excess water. Then, go a little harder to expel any remaining water that’s stuck in grooves or hidden spots.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Harley-Davidson®. Taking care of your high-valued and high-performance bike is the key to ensuring smooth operation & safety.

It’s important to find a trusted, skilled mechanic for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Peterson’s Harley-Davidson has two convenient locations in South Florida where you can rest assured that it will be in the best of hands. Click one of the links below to make an appointment, to view our new and used inventory, apply for financing, or to check out of our upcoming events!

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