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Harley-Davidson® Street Bikes | 2021 Street Motorcycle Overview

Harley-Davidson® 2021 Street Bikes

Miami motorcycle lovers and Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts have for years found the perfect balance of inventory, quality and enthusiasm at Peterson’s Harley-Davidson. Peterson’s Harley-Davidson proudly serves motorcycle lovers throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches

Harley-Davidson® has recently unveiled the 2021 Street Bike lineup that features three exciting models that are sleek and nimble, with an authentic urban attitude.

If you’re looking for a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle built to shred the city streets of Miami, cruise down Biscayne Boulevard in Brickell, Ocean Drive in South Beach or Calle Ocho in Little Havana, the Street series motorcycles should be your first choice.

2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™

The Harley-Davidson® Street Motorcycle Series begins with the Iron 883™. New for 2021, the Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ starts at just under $9,500. Monthly payments for a brand new 2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ are as low as $136 per month. If you’re looking to cruise around Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or the greater South Florida metropolitan area, the Iron 883™ is the perfect choice. Who is this motorcycle made for? Urban riders who are seeking iconic style and V-Twin rumble! The Iron 883™ is a finely tuned middleweight power paired with precision handling and a throaty 883cc Air-Cooled Evolution® V-Twin engine. This motorcycle provides a comfortable forward riding position, mid-mount foot controls and a running order weight of 564 pounds. 

2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™

Miami motorcycle riders also want to look the part and riders can choose from four distinct colors with the new Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™. Color options include Black Denim for a smooth and sinister look. River Rock Gray Denim provides a classic and confident feel while the Deadwood Green instantly makes this motorcycle stand out. Motorcycle enthusiasts can also choose the optional Snake Venom green for that extra touch of style. 

The Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™’s 883cc Air-Cooled Evolution® engine is the star of the show. This authentic motorcycle has style through and through, dripping with power. The rubber-mounted 883cc Evolution® engine runs hard and rides smooth for thousands of miles so you can just worry about taking in the freedom of the Miami boulevards and palm-tree lined back streets of South Florida.

The iconic Iron 883™ measures 86 inches in length, with a 25.7 inch laden seat height, and 5.5-inch ground clearance. The wheelbase sits at 59.6 inches while maintaining a 3.3 gallon fuel capacity. Miami motorcycle lovers can zip around the streets with 53.8 ft-lb of torque at 3,750 rpm while being able to safely maneuver the South Florida traffic with a 27 degree right lean angle and 28 degree left lean angle. And to keep you cruising the Miami beaches and entertainment districts, the Iron 883™ maintains a 51mpg fuel economy.

The Magic City at night is one of the best times to cruise. The Iron 883™ lights up the roads with high beam, neutral, low oil pressure lights and indicator lamps along with standard turn signals, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning, low battery and an optional security system with ABS anti-lock breaking.

The gauges in the Harley-Davidson® Iron 883™ are handlebar-mounted with an electronic speedometer and odometer, time-of-day clock, dual tripmeter, low oil pressure light, engine diagnostics readout and LED indicator lights.

Miami motorcycle riders choosing the Iron 883™ have a chain drive and 34/57 ratio. The front and rear wheels are black nine spokes with machined highlights. To keep you safe while cruising around downtown Miami or up the Fort Lauderdale beaches are dual-piston front and dual-piston rear break calipers. 

Peterson’s Harley-Davidson® is the largest and most respected Harley-Davidson® motorcycle dealership in South Florida. Serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches, motorcycle riders who love Harley-Davidson® have chosen Peterson’s for generations. Click here to schedule a test ride or click here to apply for financing of your new Harley-Davidson.

2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™

Continuing the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Street Series is the powerful Iron 1200™. You may have seen this motorcycle cruising the streets of Miami in a variety of colors. The Iron 1200™ is available in Stone Washed White Pearl, Black Denim, and Vivid Black. 

2021 Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™

Described as a modern take on what’s been putting big grins on the faces of Miami motorcycle riders for decades, the Iron 1200™ is a great motorcycle for anyone wanting to ride throughout South Florida.

The Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ measures 86.6 inches long with a seat height of 25.7 inches. Motorcycle riders will have more than enough cruising time between fill ups with a 4.0 gallon fuel capacity. The wheelbase measures 59.6 inches with a 4.3 inch ground clearance. The Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200™ also has a running order weight of 564 pounds.

From Miami to Palm Beach and every hotspot in between, the Air-cooled Evolution® motor with electronic sequential port fuel injection (ESPFI) has the performance you need to get you where you want to go. The black staggered exhaust and headers with black slash-cut mufflers provide an aggressive and sophisticated look.

Navigating South Florida in the Iron 1200® is easy with a 27 degree right lean angle and 28 degree left lean angle. The Air-cooled Evolution® motor also generates 73 foot-pounds of torque at 3,500 rpm.

Complimenting the look are black 9-spoke wheels both front and rear with dual-piston front and rear brakes. 

Planning on cruising around Miami at night? The Iron 1200® features high beam and neutral headlights, low oil pressure gauge, turn signals, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning, low battery notification and optional security system with anti-lock brakes (ABS) along with handle-bar mounted LED indicator lights.

Peterson’s Harley-Davidson® of Miami has one of the largest Harley-Davidson® motorcycle inventories in South Florida. Click here to view our current Iron 1200® inventory.

2021 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight™

If you’ve ever seen the Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight™ around the streets of Miami, then you know this motorcycle comes with heavy-hitting style. The fat tires and iconic peanut tank make this motorcycle a Harley-Davidson® classic. This motorcycle is designed with its signature bulldog stance and a powerful motor with 1200cc of corner cranking torque.

2021 Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight™

Miami motorcycle riders can choose between Midnight Crimson, Billiard Teal, and Vivid Black. The Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight™ measures 85.2 inches in length with a seat height of 26.2 inches and 4.3 inch ground clearance. 

The Forty-Eight™ features a 1200cc Air-cooled Evolution® motor with electronic sequential port fuel injection (ESPFI) just like the other Street series motorcycles that pumps out 70.8 foot-pounds of torque at 3,500rpm and 66 horsepower at 6,000rpm. The look is completed by the black, staggered, shorty exhaust with dual mufflers.

This motorcycle features black, split 9-spoke cast aluminum wheels with machined highlights along with dual-piston front and rear brake calipers. 

Similar to the other Street series motorcycles, South Florida riders can be confident when riding with the high beam and neutral lights, low oil pressure gauge, handle-bar mounted electronic speedometer with odometer, clock, dual tripmeter, oil pressure light, engine diagnostics and LED indicator lights.

If you’re in Miami and in the market for the perfect motorcycle, click here to view our Harley-Davidson® Street Series inventory.

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