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Harley-Davidson® Iron 1200 | An Iconic Bike for an Iconic City

Harley Davidson has mastered the combination of motorcycle design and power. They’ve managed to elevate their brand identity to new heights here in the U.S. and worldwide. Plus, they continue to invest in top-notch engineering to ensure their motorcycles have the power and durability to match their unbeatable style.

With the Iron 1200, Harley-Davidson has built a sleek street bike with its classic roadster design. Like all Harleys, the Iron 1200 features incredible performance and classic design that come together for a truly American motorcycle. Harley-Davidson will always be an American company that American riders love--that’s why even toddlers love to wear Harley-Davidson gear. Even those who have never sat down on a motorcycle can recognize and appreciate the rumble of a Harley-Davidson.

From the motorcycle’s attitude to the dependable 3.3 gallon fuel tank, the Iron 1200 has everything you’re looking for. If you’re interested, check out the Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 Miami riders are raving about by stopping by for a test ride today.

The Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 Look

The Iron 1200 is an homage to the Heritage line of roadster motorcycles, but it’s a smaller, more compact street bike. With a café solo seat and black mini-ape handlebars, the Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 brings the iconic café racer style into 2020.

Aesthetically, we couldn’t ask for a better bike. Like many of Harley’s street bikes that pay tribute to the Harley design’s heritage, the Iron features blacked-out finishes, a fixed black speed screen, and orange accents on the trim. Plus, we love both the look and feel of the 9-spoke cast-aluminum wheels.

Engineering and Rideability

The Iron 1200 is also incredibly rideable. With a low riding position, your feet reach naturally to the ground when stopped in the traffic of Miami’s urban grid. Plus, with the tight handlebars, you can naturally move your hands from the throttle to the controls.

The engine and range of this bike compliment its design well. You can trust the fuel-injected V-Twin engine to give you classic Harley-Davidson power and sound!

The blacked-out finish from its powertrain to its wheels, throwback 70’s custom tank art, and sleek design from its cover to its exhaust, all make this a beautiful bike to ride. Combined with its trustworthy engineering, all of these things make the Iron 1200 an excellent motorcycle for beginners and experienced riders alike.

We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Harley

What’s more Miami than cruising around South Beach on a beautiful new Harley-Davidson? We can’t think of much. At Peterson’s, we’re here to help you find the perfect bike. Even in the middle of the pandemic, our experienced customer representatives are ready to help you check out our selection of Harleys and find one you’ll love.

The fixed black speed screen leaves us with few doubts about what type of motorcycle this is. It has personality, from its air cleaner cover to its exhaust, and so do you. And here at Peterson’s, we’re ready to find you a Harley-Davidson that has as much character as you do.

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