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Miami H.O.G. - About Us

Miami H.O.G. - About Us

Why are we Called H.O.G.®'s?

As origin stories go this one is no different, the term “H.O.G.®” some say came from a group of Harley-Davidson® riders very much like you, a person with a passion for adventurous, a free-spirit and above all, the love freedom one only gets on the open road.

It seems that back in 1920, a team of farm boys, that included Ray Weishaar, (see Photo), whom would later became known as the “H.O.G.® boys,” consistently won races. The group had a H.O.G.®, or pig as their mascot. Following a win, they would put the pig (a real one) on the back of their Harley® and take a victory lap.

Harley® Owners Group was officially created in 1983 as a way to build longer-lasting, as well as stronger relationships between Harley® Dealers and their customers.  Today H.O.G.® members, number over one million strong, making it the largest factory-sponsored riding club in the world.

Un-Officially our founder Mr. P. (Phil) Peterson, back in 1974, saw a need of like minded people to come together and ride to events, I guess you could say that He (Mr.P) started the very first H.O.G.® group, which helped fuel his love and life long passion for motorcycling.


The Miami H.O.G.® Chapter promotes motorcycling activities for our members, which in turn, promotes camaraderie and friendship, that can only come from riding together, social gatherings and other activities throughout the year.

All Chapter events are held for the fun and benefit of our members, as a means to improve the public perception of Harley-Davidson® riders, as well as to raise the public’s awareness of safe, responsible motorcycling. 

While our primary focus is riding, the Miami Chapter, conducts a number of charitable activities, as well as our membership efforts directed toward serving, as well as giving back to our local community. 

We have a General Meeting upstairs in the H.O.G. room at Peterson's Harley-Davidson, the 2nd Saturday at 10:30AM of every month, come on out, have fun and eat some lunch.



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