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The New CVO™ Road Glide® and CVO™ Street Glide

Limited only by its edition

Custom Vehicle Operation™ (CVO) models represent the pinnacle of Harley-Davidson style and design. They’re manufactured in limited numbers and draw upon the expertise and craftsmanship of the brand. Each CVO model is equipped with show stopping finishes, advanced features, exclusive components, and attention to detail that borders on the obsessive. 

CVO™ Road Glide® CVO™ Street Glide®

CVO™ Road Glide®

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Powerful stance. Streamlined flow. Pure emotion.

A more dynamic touring experience

Setting a new bar for comfort

CVO™ Street Glide®

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Form Follows Emotion

Elevated ride, powered by innovation

A new level of comfort for the journey ahead

The All New CVO™ Road Glide®

The New CVO™ Road Glide®


The All New CVO™ Street Glide®

The New CVO™ Street Glide®


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