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Riding the Road - Ladies of Harley® (LOH)

Harley-Davidson® and the Harley® Owners Group are very proud to have as a part of the organization, The Ladies of Harley® (LOH). Anyone these days who thinks for a minute that a Harley® is only a man’s machine must have been living in a cave the last few years. Just look around and you will see what we mean… nice, shiny, lean and mean machines with a woman’s right hand on the throttle, left foot on the shifter, a smile on her face as she leans into the next curve.

Miami Chapter #694 LOH is a very active group of women who own and ride their own Harley®'s or make good “back seat riders” with their significant other. LOH has become an important and integral part of H.O.G.® and responsible for many events, social activities, rides, dinners all tied together with motorcycling in mind and having fun.

Ladies, do you have "LOH" on your National H.O.G.® card? Did you know that being a member of Ladies of Harley® is FREE? It is not, however automatic. You must contact H.O.G.® and tell them you'd like to be a member of LOH. Just call 1-800-clubH.O.G.® OR go to www.hog.com ,log into the members only area, then go to Update Membership Profile. Just click the yes option for LOH and you're done! Now, how easy was that?

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