Phil Peterson's Bio

Phil Peterson's Bio

Phil was born on February 24, 1924 in that bastion of football, Green Bay, Wisconsin. His family were cherry farmers since the late 1800s on land awarded to his grandfather in recognition of his service in the Civil War under General Philip Sheridan. In tribute to General Sheridan, the grandfather named a son Philip Sheridan Peterson, Phil's father.

Phil is proud not only be named for his father, but also of the history associated with his name.

During WW II, like many of his fellow countrymen, Phil answered the "call to arms" and joined the Navy. He served in the Pacific aboard the destroyer, USS Bearss, which was a member of the escort fleet for the signing of the treaty that ended the war. Phil is understandably proud of this time and remains close to several of his "comrades in arms" to this day.

21 and back from the war, Phil did what he long dreamed of.. he bought a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle! His first Harley® bike was a 1946 WL Harley® 45cu (750) that he purchased for $425, money he saved up while in the Navy.

Not long afterwards, he married Charlie and began farming. Together they have raised six children. Phil had this "passion" for motorcycles and in 1947 he started a motorcycle club. Charlie designed and stitched the club logo. They had meetings and went for rides, sort of an early HOG® group.

In 1950, at the age of 26, Phil (now with 2 children) could no longer contain his desire to race. Charlie, ever his biggest supporter, agreed that he could try his hand at racing for one year to see where it might lead. Well, that year he won the Minnesota Novice Championship!

Phil continued to race, but still kept farming. Name the type of racing and Phil competed: Short Track, Road Race, Hill Climb, TT (Tourist Trophy), Ice Racing, Motorcross, and Drag Racing. He rode on the "Hot Shoe Circuit" for four years and continued racing locally until 1967.