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Yes, Harley-Davidson® Makes Electric Motorcycles!

When Americans think of motorcycles, Harley-Davidson® is the first brand that comes to mind. As America’s leading motorcycle manufacturer for generations, Harley-Davidson® is known for building powerful, classic-looking machines with a sound that everyone recognizes. Their brand has gained worldwide recognition. 

One of the reasons we love Harley-Davidson® is their commitment to innovation. While they’re known for their gas-powered bikes, in 2014, Harley joined a growing group of motorcycle manufacturers who produce electric motorcycles. 

Electric motorcycles have grown in popularity in recent years, particularly for younger riders looking for a quieter option that’s more environmentally friendly. As Tesla and other electric vehicles have become more popular, so have electric motorcycles. They’re a Tesla Model for bikes. 

As the Harley-Davidson® dealer Miami trusts, we offer a full array of high-performance Harley-Davidson models—including electric motorcycles. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle – the Livewire. Even if you’ve ridden a gas-powered motorcycle for years, we think you might find an electric bike you love. If you’re interested, feel free to stop by and speak with any of the associates at our ®dealers for more details! 

Harley-Davidson® Makes Electric Motorcycles!

Harley-Davidson® Electric Motorcycles: The Basics 

The Harley-Davidson® Livewire’s prototype model was created in 2014 and is Harley’s first electric motorcycle. With the design of a sportbike and city range of 146 miles, you can travel long distances on this bike without the need to continually stop for a charge. Its combined stop-and-go and highway range is still 95 miles, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a vehicle that will conveniently and quickly get you around downtown Miami, Miami Beach, or Cutler Bay. Riding habits, ambient weather—always a question here in South Florida—and other factors can affect the real range of the vehicle. 

With a larger battery than many other electric motorcycles, the Harley-Davidson Livewire adds 13 miles of charge per hour, so it’s a fast charge. Plus, you won’t need to spend extra on the recommended 91 octane fuel for some gas-powered motorcycles. The 15.5 kWh high-voltage battery charges fully in an hour with DC Fast Charge, which is available at our dealerships. So, if you’re cruising around Miami and want to charge your Livewire quickly – or your Tesla – just stop by one of our two convenient locations. 

Base models of the Livewire come in Black, but you can add color and freight capacity for less than $1,000. 

Why Choose the Harley-Davidson® Livewire

Younger riders love the Livewire and love electric motorcycles because they’re quiet, sleek, and environmentally friendly. Their interest partially explains the explosion of the electric motorcycle market in recent years. But even if you don’t think an electric vehicle is for you, it’s worth considering. 

The Livewire is also easier to ride than most Harley-Davidsons—there’s no clutch, no complicated startup, and no gear shifting. You can start the bike only by flicking your wrist. With a Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle, you get high performance without the hassle. 

On top of all that, the Livewire features seven different riding modes, a touchscreen, and Bluetooth capability. Like most electric vehicles, it’s modern from the engine up to the dashboard. Plus, you can be eligible for up to a $2,500 Federal Income Tax Credit for buying an electric vehicle. Who could say no to a tax credit for purchasing a motorcycle? 

Why Choose Peterson’s Harley-Davidson® 

When looking for a Harley-Davidson® Livewire, Miami chooses us. That’s because, with two locations, we’re the go-to dealership for Harley-Davidson® lovers in South Florida. Our skilled service and sales staff are here to help you navigate all of your motorcycle options. 

If you’re curious about electric motorcycles, please stop by our showroom. Even if you’ve been riding gas-powered touring bikes for your entire life, you may find the Harley-Davidson® Livewire a perfect option for traveling all over Miami-Dade County! 

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