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Tips for Buying a Motorcycle

Tips for Buying a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most freeing experiences you can imagine. With a number of bike styles and setups, there's truly a Harley-Davidson® model for everyone. Whether you're an experienced rider or on the lookout for your first motorcycle, the process for finding the perfect bike is different than purchasing a car or other automotive vehicle.

When it comes to buying a new or used motorcycle, you need to understand model type, power and what to expect before riding a motorized vehicle. Here at Peterson's Harley-Davidson®, we treat our customers like family and assist with motorcycle gear and fitments. We understand that buying a motorcycle can be an intimidating process, so we'll bring you our pro tips for a satisfying purchase.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Before you even look at a new or used bike, it's crucial for you to be up-to-date on safety procedures behind motorcycle riding. Peterson's Harley-Davidson® recommends completing a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course to refresh your memory on proper technique and riding etiquette. This safety tip applies to new and experienced riders, as laws and regulations change over time and by location.

Additionally, make sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage for a new or used motorcycle. A variety of plans exist to help you in the event of injury, theft or bike damage surrounding your investment.

Purchase Motorcycle Safety Gear

Once you set a budget for a new or used bike, make sure you have the necessary gear to safely operate a motorcycle. In the event of an accident, the only thing between you and your surroundings will be your safety equipment. Search for Department of Transportation (DOT) certified gear, including:

  • Jacket made of leather or nylon materials (equipped with protective armor in shoulders, arms and back)
  • Gloves for guarding your hands
  • Boots that cover your ankles (avoid laces if possible)
  • Helmet demonstrating proper fitment

If you need motorcycle safety gear and live near Miami, Florida, stop by Peterson's Harley-Davidson®. Our experts will set you up with everything you need for a secure ride.

Checking Motorcycle Height and Size

How do you plan on using a new or used bike? Motorcycles are available in different styles and builds to match your lifestyle and riding applications, so performance and comfort should influence your selection. No matter if you're looking for a standard configuration, cruiser or sport setup, you have to find a bike that fits you.

It's important to feel confident when you're fitting yourself to a bike. Sit on a motorcycle and get a feel for its height, weight and placement. Keep in mind that your feet must sit flat on the ground once you've mounted a bike, and handlebars need to be within comfortable reach for control.

While there are adjustments you can perform to suit your riding preferences, having a sense of balance before a test drive is key to finding a perfect match.

Inspect Used Motorcycle Listings

Even the most experienced riders benefit from used bikes. Inspect the odometer reading on a used motorcycle and see if it matches the physical condition of the Harley-Davidson®. A trustworthy seller will let you try out a bike "cold," which means the engine components are not started prior to your arrival.

With used bikes, the following signs indicate that a motorcycle may need maintenance or repairs:

  • Rust and scratches around body, tank and/or fenders
  • Chipping paint
  • Tears in seat
  • Leaks/puddles of oil or coolant
  • Grime on chains
  • Loose components
  • Clipping breaks
  • Slow startup time

Contact Peterson's Harley-Davidson® for New and Used Bikes

Peterson's Harley-Davidson® proudly services Miami, FL, and surrounding locations with new and used motorcycle listings, maintenance appointments and gear. Channeling more than 60 years of experience, we bring you popular Harley-Davidson® models, including Sportster®, Dyna® and Softail® releases. Stop by one of our locations or call Peterson's Harley-Davidson® today for more information on how to purchase a bike!

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